Quality Policy

Quality Policy

We ensure customer satisfaction by providing our range of product in compliance with customer’s specifications and timely delivery at reasonable & effective price.Our quality consciousness is supported by factors of continual improvement through S.M.A.R.T objectives of Quality Management System and necessary corrective and Preventive actions.We firmly believe that quality product requires dedication of entire team. We shall strive to provide an environment.Which promotes a spirit of “pride and workmanship”among employees through training and awareness

Quality Standards

We minimize operational risk related to food supply and are an environmentally responsible organization.To secure fresh and healthy ingredients for each crew, we strive for traceability and have developed stringent quality procedures when sourcing and selecting our suppliers.Delux Enterprises follows international food standards and is certified globally in quality and environment management.

Our Quality Process

All of our main hubs have adopted our Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point program (HACCP). This comprehensive program ensures the risks and hazards associated with food safety,freshness and quality are systematically evaluated and appropriately controlled along the entire supply chain. This applies from the product source to delivery to the end customer, whether you are on a vessel or on an offshore rig.The welfare of your crew is our top priority.Our procedures ensure that the highest levels of safety management are adopted by our personnel every day, 365 days a year.

Identify, Prevent, Correct

As part of HACCP, Critical Control Points (CCPs) and general Control Points (CPs) have been identified that require specific controls and monitoring procedures to be applied. These are essential to prevent,reduce and/or eliminate food safety hazards to acceptable limits.Hazard identification, prevention, monitoring and corrective action procedures are in place at all points along the process, to track and secure our supply items from our own warehouses. None of the products are manufactured or modified in our facilities. Everything arrives at our warehouses packed. We then pick and deliver the products according to the HACCP guidelines.

All personal appreased of direct contact access will manage 24/7 for any emergency or reputing any fraudulent case (whistle blower ) if found during business.